Neograft Hair Restoration Orange County is a leading provider of NeoGraft® hair transplant procedures. Our hair restoration experts have extensive experience in the innovative field of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and frequently evaluate new technologies in hair restoration to make sure our patients can choose from the best treatment options. Working out of the world-class cosmetic surgery facilities, we utilize state-of-the-art instruments and employ highly trained nurses and staff.

Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Brennan has performed hair restoration since residency. He designed the first multiple blade instrumentation for harvesting donor tissue. He has spent many years and has extensive experience in follicle transplant. Dr. Brennan introduced hair flap surgeries to this country and designed scalp reduction surgery. He has sense abandoned all of those procedures and is now a proponent for Neograft which does not require surgery and ensures the most natural results.

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Hair Transplant in Newport Beach, California

The NeoGraft™ hair restoration / hair transplantation machine is an FDA approved automated hair transplant machine for hair loss in men and women that assists the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Orange County hair transplant doctor in performing hair restoration using the globally popular hair loss solution called the “Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique”. The FUE hair transplant technique as used by NeoGraft Hair Restoration Orange County is minimally invasive and dramatically more effective than the traditional strip method used by most hair transplantation doctors.

With the FUE hair transplant technique there is no cutting of the scalp and no scars as there is with the strip method. Since there is no cutting there is no suturing, no visible scarring, very little bleeding, no risk of nerve injury and almost immediate recovery time.

NeoGraft is essentially an automated hair transplantation machine, where each hair graft is taken (@ 500 hairs) at a time – one follicular unit (@ 500 hairs) at a time – then moved to the area of hair loss requiring hair restoration. After the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure there is NEVER a linear scar. Also, depending on the size of the hair restoration procedure you have performed at NeoGraft Hair Restoration Orange County you do not have to shave the entire donor area. So a ‘total shave’ is NOT necessary.

Both men & women of all ethnicities are candidates for NeoGraft hair transplantation. The entire process is pain-free (local sedation is used) and you will experience no pain whatsoever after the procedure. NeoGraft Hair Restoration for Women has truly revolutionized hair transplants/hair restoration. The complete hair transplant procedure is performed in a 1 session at the beautiful Neograft Hair Restoration Orange County office.