Frequently Asked Questions

At Dr. Brennnan’s Cosmetic Center, we’re committed to helping you feel younger and look your best with NeoGraft. Among modern Newport Beach hair transplant treatments, NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure and can be administered with minimal downtime. It’s a fast and easy way to regrow your own hair in a completely natural way.

We are confident that NeoGraft is the best hair transplant technology on the market. To find out more about how it works, click through the questions below. For a complete assessment or to find out more about our services, give us a call Neograft Hair Restoration Orange County today.

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a new automated hair transplant system which facilitates the harvesting of follicles during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant, dramatically improving the accuracy and speed over previously used manual extraction instruments. The system is doctor operated and hairs are individually selected by the human eye which ensures for precise accuracy. 

How do I know I'm a good candidate for NeoGraft?
You are a great candidate if you are looking to restore the hair that you once had. Candidates for the Neograft would be those who:
  • Would like to have the flexibility of wearing a very short haircut in the back or sides of the scalp. There is no incision there for there are no chances of scarring which is much different than a “strip method” Which always leaves a large linear scar
  • Those who want the least amount of activity restriction (e.g. athletes) after their hair transplant procedure. The Neograft technique has the least amount of down time associated with any hair transplant procedure.
  • If you would prefer not to have multiple procedure to achieve the desired look. Neograft enables the doctor to take large amounts of grafts at one time. This ensures most of our patients are able to achieve sought after results with only one procedure.

Candidates for hair restoration surgery are those individuals in good health with moderate hair loss and sufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp to transplant into the balding areas. Those with more donor hair, greater hair density and fullness can typically expect fuller results. It is also important that you have reasonable cosmetic goals. Hair transplantation can achieve very good, natural results but cannot restore your hair to the density you had as a teenager. Dr. Brennan will assess the amount of coverage needed to give you the appearance you desire.

How is NeoGraft Performed?

NeoGraft uses controlled pneumatic pressure to slide out the graft smoothly, so there is no pulling or twisting that can risk damaging the graft. Your grafts can be re-implanted sooner, keeping them more robust and resulting in a natural looking hairline.

How soon will I see results?

The science behind grafting is simple. Hair follicles are taken from the hair in the back of the head that naturally continues to grow. The follicles that hold your transplanted hair are living tissues that grow cyclically. Once the normal hair follicle has been implanted into the balding area, the grafted hair will stay in place for about one to two weeks before shedding – this is normal and an important part of the new growth process. After shedding, the new growth will begin in 6 months and your hair will continue to grow normally. More importantly, your results will look healthy and natural.

How long will hair restoration last?

The hair that is transplanted will continue to grow always. Hair loss however can continue for some patients due to genetics. Some patients will need maintenance procedures if severe balding pattern continues. Additional procedures will be needed if the patient desiremore density. An estimate of balding pattern and the number of procedures needed will be discussed during the consultation with the Dr. Brennan.

What is FUE hair transplant?

“F.U.E.” or “Follicular-Unit Extraction” is an advanced, minimally-invasive hair transplant method which allows for the harvesting of individual follicles from the donor area without a scalpel incision or the necessary stitches, and therefore leaves no linear scar.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft vs. FUE techniques?

The highly ergonomic mechanical NeoGraft system works as a natural extension of the surgeons’ hand, allowing for faster and more accurate harvesting of hair follicles. NeoGraft patients now reach their goal with less time in the procedure room or fewer FUE procedures altogether.

What are the benefits of NeoGraft vs. the “strip technique"

There and so many benefits regarding the NeoGraft technology vs the strip technique. A few to mention are:

  • No linear scar of tell-tale signs of a hair graft procedure.
  • Decreased healing time; virtually none with Neograft
  • Less restriction for activities post operatively
  • Much less post op discomfort
  • Hair grafted take rate is much higher with Neograft at 98% vs 80% with strip
  • More precision during the procedure which results in more natural looking hair.
Is FUE/NeoGraft suitable for both men and women?

Yes. Because FUE/NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive procedure, it is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair with transplantation.

Do I have to get a total ‘buzz cut’ to have an FUE/NeoGraft procedure?

No, not if your wear your hair long. If your donor hair is long enough, harvesting using the FUE/NeoGraft can be done by shaving small areas which can be covered by your other, existing hair. If you wear your hair short, it helps to shave it close for maximum yield. It looks more natural sooner as the transplanted grafts are short as well.

How much does a typical hair restoration cost?

The cost of a hair transplant varies greatly depending on the volume of hair being transplanted, but it typically ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. The majority of insurance policies do not cover it. Transplants, like any other type of surgery, include inherent hazards, including bleeding and infection. Neograft, however, is a very safe procedure that has virtually no pain and no inherent hazards.  Our Orange County based company charges by the hair follicle, so the less hair you need the ness the cost is for the procedure.  

Is hair restoration covered by insurance?

Due to the fact that this is an elective surgical procedure that is designed to improve your overall appearance, and self confidence, insurance generally does not cover hair restoration procedures.

Is it worthwhile to undergo a hair transplant?

If you are entirely bald, a hair transplant will most likely improve your situation, but it will not provide you with a completely full head of hair. A hairline transplant, on the other hand, can help you reverse several years of hair loss and improve your look if you have modest hair loss and enough of donor hair.

When should you consider getting a hair transplant?

The optimal age for a hair transplant is 25 and up. Typically, people consider getting hair restoration procedures when they are unhappy with how they look on a day to day basis.