Balboa Pier

The Balboa Pier is a historic landmark near Orange County. It has been around for over 100 years and has the longest pier in the United States at 1,640 feet long. The pier itself is an attraction to tourists who come from all over to experience it. During the summer months, there are concerts that happen on Saturday nights which attract many people with their families. The restaurants also offer great food options that you can enjoy while visiting this amazing place!

The Dory Fishing Fleet, which was founded in 1891 near the base of the Newport Pier, is a popular fishing spot. The Balboa Peninsula and the Newport Beach Pier are visible to the north, with views of Huntington Beach to the south.

The beach has a number of activities for visitors. Summer and winter, swimmers and sunbathers come to the beach to round off their day in the sun with a night out on the town. Surfboards, bicycles, and skateboards are popular among visitors. The Balboa Peninsula is lively and exciting.

The Newport Beach Pier is a great spot for cycling and skating, but note that parking is limited, and you may have to walk a couple of blocks to get to the beach. There’s a lengthy bike route around the Peninsula in Newport Beach. It’s great fun to go for a stroll along the boardwalk and see some of Southern California’s most expensive real estate. Many of the boardwalk homes are available for summer rentals, making it an excellent way to live life by the beach. While you’re in town, don’t miss out on Newport Beach Pier Restaurants.

Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, Orange County is a popular destination with several excellent facilities nearby. The pier can be fished from, however most tourists will just want to walk out on it for a view back toward the peninsula or to watch the surfers riding the wave here.

There are several restaurants in the area surrounding the Balboa Boulevard and Main Street intersection, one of which is at the end of Balboa Pier. On the northern side of the Balboa Pier is a huge fee parking lot with an entrance on Palm Street. This lot gets packed quickly because to limited street parking; get there early.

To the south, on the Balboa Peninsula Beach, you’ll find Newport-Balboa Bike Trail, a paved route that runs both ways from the pier for runners, bikers, and skaters. It’s about 2 miles north to Newport Beach Pier.



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